Animal & Eco Friendly Organization

The Jivan Shakti herbal supplements have saved many animals ’ lives since 1988, including some fortunate hives of bees in Italy tended to by Dr. Giovanni Brincivalli, an M.D. who now practices Siddha-Veda full time since being trained by the Narams. Once Dr. Brincivalli was called upon to rescue a hive of bees that was floundering! Some of the bees from this particular colony were losing their hair.

Without their hair, the other bees of the colony would not allow them to enter the hives. The bees became preoccupied with fighting, rather than producing honey.

Their life’s mission was thwarted! Their beekeepers were stymied and called upon Dr. Giovanni. He decided to give the bees some Jivan Shakti herbs to try and remedy the problem. After taking the herbs, amazingly the bees’ hair grew back and the honey began flowing again!

All our products are animal friendly. No Jivan Shakti herbal products or SUKHAYU personal care products are ever tested on animals — they are only used to help animals regain their health!

All the herbal supplements and personal care products are both animal-friendly and eco-friendly. All herbs cultivated in the wild are replaced or harvested in such a way that the plants regenerate naturally.