“(After starting the Jivan Shakti herbs and dietary recommendations) I started losing weight immediately. Within the first six weeks, I came down two sizes.”
Pamela Zino
Port Ewen , NY
“After taking the Jivan Shakti herbs, my energy level is much more even. I have no more mood swings from the stress of my over-stimulated work environment. My asthma is less and my digestion is better. Most importantly, my whole career path, job and life have been greatly enhanced.”
Robert Vance
Altadena , CA
“I was waking up during the night and was constantly tired and emotionally oversensitive from lack of sleep. After taking (Jivan Shakti) herbs, all those conditions have completely reversed. Now, I jump out of bed each morning feeling light, refreshed and happy all day long.”
Kimberly McGee
Boston, MA